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Thousand years of history,
        Poetry and Truth
This is the friendly and inviting greeting on the signboards as you enter this simply magnificent region which believers would acknowledge to the grace of God and agnostics would see as nature’s way of expressing its creative abilities. A shrine, an immeasureable holder of thousands of treasures, represented by a mixture of realities ranging from an environment which is still intact, uncontaminated and wild to a work of art in a remote and recent past, which reveals history and makes it become part of a daily chronicle alive in the stones which today tell the tale of an era with neither time nor borders. And yet these works of nature are still objects which are hidden to the human eye. Mankind has been unable to discover them and they remain speechless and unheard. The thoughtless- ness of the people and the resulting damage is obvious. Walking along the completely natural paths cut out by weather and time, but certainly not as nature inteneded them to be, since what one can see is continually spoiled, it is clear that far too many forests have become places to deposit rubbish, refuse; it is evident in that very moment, when we notice that not only faith , but also art and tradition have disappeared for the sake of and due to unrestricted progress claiming rights which it does not have, in the name of no matter which civilisation. Monte Stella is a place of worship for the cilento inhabitants. On the summit there is a chapel in honour of the Virgin Mary dating back to the year 1100.
Everyone looks up to this peak, comparing it to a light house that you can put your trust in to save you from drowning in this stormy sea of abandonment. Today, emerged in  the greenery of the surrounding woods it is compelled to live its eternal pilgrimage in the shade of an iron mast from the top of which, a hundred aerials transmit their signals. In San Mango Cilento , the ancient palace of the Baroni Del Giudice is in danger of collapsing and with it years and years of the small but neverthless important paths of this area which represents an essential component in the large mosaic which depicts the general history of Cilento and  the hill in particular.It is not only important but vital to act now in order to leave a trace of our origin for the future generations.A belfry stands in what was once the centre of the village, the only remains of the monastery which, as already mentioned, is of vital importance for the religious life and culture of these places. Nevertheless it will not be standing there for much longer if its` condition is not taken into serious consideration. Its`  present stability is drawn from the strength entwined in its` very soul and most certainly hidden between the stones. We could carry on with this list but will stop here for the nation`s sake. The Park is culture and not a political site for games of power. P. S. The bell tower, the source Cornale, the Muliniello have been wonderfully restored, congratulations to the principals and perpetrators, but there is still much to do